Our School

We are all born with a natural curiosity and desire to learn. Never is this more apparent than during the primary years. At Linden Elementary, we have created a learning environment to fuel that appetite. 

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for all students to acquire knowledge, academic skills, and character traits needed to be self-reliant, responsible, caring, and contributing members of our diverse society. All members of the school community work collaboratively to encourage and develop self-directed, lifelong learners in a changing environment that is creative, challenging, responsive, and nurturing. 

What We Offer

To carry out our mission, we offer students a variety of programs to support and enrich them both educationally and emotionally. Your child has the opportunity to participate in any of our programs, including:

What Makes Us Great

Obviously, our awesome students! But we also have:

  • A staff of highly qualified teachers
  • An excellent music program
  • Tremendous community support
  • A highly active PTO
  • A friendly and nurturing atmosphere
  • A safe learning environment